Toronto Facts

Living in Toronto requires that you exchange energy and vibrancy with the city and its residents. You can feel it in the air. Toronto is in the midst of a civic, cultural and economic revival, with numerous projects and services available to its citizens. Sitting on the shores of Lake Ontario, Toronto is a “gateway” city to the rest of the world. A major commerce center in Canada, Toronto’s modernization is most evident in the waterfront and downtown areas, which are undergoing major recreational and business development as Toronto prepares for the rest of this century.

The city of Toronto’s business plan has an overarching vision – to focus on prosperity. The choice to live in Toronto means that citizens should expect to contribute, and benefit, from this initiative. Forbe’s Magazine rated Toronto as one of the ten “World’s Most Economically Power Cities.” Entertainment venues are blooming – restaurants offer everything from fast food to 5-star dining experiences – in-town transportation is on the cutting edge, with the PATH network of trails and subways. There are multiple choices as to what type of community living in Toronto you can partake in. From suburban development to apartment living to a condo lifestyle, it’s all available!

Toronto also is the center of the Canadian IT, business and financial industries. As such, its amenities are oriented to providing attractive lifestyle choices for its residents. Toronto’s cost of living is comparable to other major Canadian and American cities in the eastern part of the North American continent. True “living” in Toronto involves taking advantage of its wide variety of multicultural, recreational, educational, entertainment and transportation opportunities. Toronto living is living at its finest!

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