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Virtually every investment choice carries some degree of risk, and a condo investment in Toronto near the waterfront is no different. The main risk is that over time, the market price of the condo will decrease, or remain stagnant, and your investment will gradually erode. Or, given the angst with the sub-prime mortgage debacle, it could plummet. How is one to assess whether a condo investment in Toronto is a reasonable investment, not just as living space but as a place to invest your wealth? There are no guarantees. However, there are many factors to consider in investing in a waterfront condo in Toronto that should give the intelligent investor confidence in the future.

First, to be a bit snide about it, the waterfront area near downtown Toronto is not going away. Quite the opposite. If one steps back and surveys all that exists and is planned for the neighborhood, one should draw the conclusion that not only is the Toronto waterfront area a vibrant, living business and residential environment, its prospects for the future are as bright as any city’s in Canada or the U.S. The old real estate chant of “location, location, location!” is altogether true for downtown Toronto and the adjacent waterfront. If nothing else, look at the extraordinary development of PATH and the resulting growth of entertainment, business and residential opportunities. More so, people are recognizing that living near the waterfront is a privilege that rarely comes available, and may be even rarer in the future as the area is developed further and further. The key is having the long-term perspective of investing at a time before the supply of homes decreases significantly, and then wait as demand drives up home prices over time.

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